Top 5 Ways That Exercise Helps Fight Failure to Launch Syndrome



In everyday life a healthy body is a happy body. We have pro athletes who compete for the healthiest body. We have “gym rats” who work hard in the gym on a daily basis to have a healthy body. We even have pro athletes who have to keep a healthy body to keep their jobs. Well, there is another group of individuals who need to make keeping a “healthy body” a priority and that is those of us suffering from Failure to Launch syndrome.
Exercise is extremely important for us both physically and emotionally. Physical exercise releases chemicals called endorphins. These endorphins interact with the receptors in your brain that reduce your perception of pain. These endorphins also trigger a positive feeling in the body similar to morphine. For example, the feeling following a good run or intense workout is often described as euphoric. Most runners claim they get “runner’s high” after a run. So as you can see, regular exercise can do wonders for someone suffering from Failure to Launch.
Here are five ways that regular exercise helps fight Failure to Launch.
Regular exercise reduces stress. Trying to pull yourself out of Failure to Launch is going to be a high stress experience for anyone. Adding a regular workout plan to your every day plan will definitely help reduce your stress level.
Regular exercise will fight off anxiety and feelings of depression. When we are coming out of our “funk” caused by Failure to Launch we will have high levels of anxiety because we are turning over a new leaf in life we the future appears to be uncertain. We will also be “up and down” emotionally and may run into periods of depression that we need to understand are only temporary. A good exercise program will help us curve the depression and anxiety by releasing those “feel good” endorphins.
Regular exercise will improve sleep. After a good workout our bodies will go into recovery mode. This is where the body slows down and we become tired in a healthy manner. This will allow us to sleep through those otherwise restless nights.
 Regular exercise will definitely increase your energy level. A lot of times with Failure to Launch and depression comes a lack of energy. During your fight with Failure to Launch you are going to need all the energy your body can create. A regular exercise program will increase your natural energy level by increasing your body’s metabolism as well as other ways.
Regular exercise will increase your self esteem. Let’s face it, we all want to look good. We all want to have a nice body that is appealing to others. We have spent so much time during our Failure to Launch syndrome feeling bad about ourselves. This is the perfect way to boost your self esteem and show the world that you do care about your health, both emotionally and physically.
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