FAILURE-TO-LAUNCH – “From Dependence to  Self-Reliance and Success”

The 20-something • The 30-something • The College Drop-out • and many others that seem “lost”.

FAILURE-TO-LAUNCH - "From Dependence to Self-Reliance and Success"We all know the classic example of the 30-something living in mom & dad’s basement and working at the local pizza parlor, or the 28-year old college drop-out who’s thrown in the towel on the prospect of education and success. We call it Failure-to-Launch Syndrome, and it is a surprisingly common condition we see, of which is most often seen among those having been raised in more affluent households.

Sometimes we refer to this phenomenon as “Helicopter Parenting” or “Snowplow Parenting” or even “Lawmower Parenting”. You have probably even heard the term ‘snowflake’ to define the millennial generation because they lack the skill set to complete tasks like holding jobs, budgeting, attending college, or even cooking and cleaning, tasks we simply expect them to know at their age.   Sometimes there is excessive gaming, gambling or drugs and alcohol involved and sometimes it can be diagnosed as just depression or even other mental health disorders.

What causes this? Is it a matter of maturity of lack thereof? Is it simply a matter of being “stuck in life,” with no direction or answers? Is it maybe somehow related to a mental health condition like depression or bipolar disorder? Many parents blame themselves for lack of parenting or overparenting.  The reality is that Failure-to-Launch Disorder is often times the culmination of several variables in life. One unique component, however, is that many times these individuals were at one point driven in their lives, with goals and aspirations, yet for whatever reason, they seem stuck. Most of the time they can communicate well via text or online, but holding full conversations is even an issue.

Our approach to helping those struggling with Failure-to-Launch Syndrome is largely about creating a new reality, a reality that is built around the client’s persona, abilities and/or passions, yet while effectively integrating it all within the realms of responsibility, maturity, patience, recognizing opportunities and so much more. Our Fix Failure to Launch Program is entirely about long-term solutions and success, but we do it through a highly integrative process that has shown tremendous success among those we help.


Dr. Cali Estes and her team view each client individually and are able to create a ‘Re-Launch’ process tailored around his or her needs. From seemingly smaller successes to a whole new existence built as much on desire as it is on necessity, this can be an opportunity for growth. The Failure to Launch Syndrome is most common in the young millennial (15 to 35) population that craves meaning in life but lacks direction.

We are able to address many Failure-to-Launch related issues:

  • Inability to function on life’s terms: finding the stopping and stuck points 
  • Examining any potential mental health issues that may be contributing to Failure to Launch Syndrome
  • Addressing employment, including short and long-term goals & plans.
  • Working to uncover hidden goals, interests, purpose, and passion in life
  • Setting new standards for the parents or otherwise the ones enabling the client
  • Addressing education, including short and long-term goals & plans
  • Providing additional life coaching and guidance through turbulent periods
  • Providing assistance with financial goals, action plans,  coping skills, and defense mechanisms
  • Dealing with anxiety and high functioning anxiety
  • Addressing nutrition, fitness, self-care and more
  • Addressing any potential issues of drug addiction (marijuana and alcohol can sometimes be part of the equation in failure-to-launch scenarios)
  • Helping to work through any inter-family related matters or communication issues
  • Addressing any issues related to online gaming, social media addictions,, 
  • Utilizing varied approaches depending on the client, such as motivational tactics, moderate confrontation, responsive therapies and so on.

For Dr. Cali Estes and her team, success is all about the long-term goals and achievements, while never forgetting that each smaller achievement is but another brick in the foundation of independence and success. We will always aspire to come into a new scenario and affect positive and deliberate change in as quick a time frame as possible, yet always acknowledging that each individual responds differently and entails their own process of change.