Can failure to launch be reversed?

Can failure to launch be reversed?

A Failure to Launch Syndrome Success Story speaks out: Meet Josh, 28 from LA that went through our program.

Failure to launch is when a young adult cant progress from late childhood into responsible and productive young adults. It is exactly what it sounds like it is. It is when a young adult cant “launch” himself or herself into a productive and responsible lifestyle. So can this syndrome be reversed and fixed? YES, IT CAN!

We both treat and teach people how to correct the failure to launch syndrome. Failure to launch is caused by a number of factors from both the person suffering from failure to launch and the people surrounding those suffering from failure to launch. We start with the upbringing of the young adult. Children who have everything done for them without thinking for themselves are prime candidates for failure to launch. Children need to be directed in the right paths in life but need the space to think for themselves. This gives young adults a chance to grow self-esteem and confidence.

I was a child who had EVERYTHING done for me. If I messed up my parents were right there to clean it up. I never had to dig myself out of my own messes. Once I became a young adult I didn’t know how to get myself out of certain negative situations. This had a very negative influence on my life. Dr. Cali Estes and her team will focus on young adults being responsible and accountable for their decisions and actions and we work on helping them grow confidence. Also as a child, I personally have had EVERYTHING bought for me and supplied for me. I’m not talking about food, clothing and everyday items for survival that parents should supply. I’m talking about extras. If I crashed my car another one was bought for me. If I wanted a trip the tickets were bought for me. I had to work for nothing! So when I became a young adult I had zero respect for money and hard work.

We show our clients how to work hard and save hard. We show them how to value the money that they make for themselves which in turn teaches them to greatly value hard work. We need to really take Failure to Launch very seriously and work case by case to extinguish this syndrome all together! Call us today to enroll in our Failure to Launch classes or to get help working on your Failure to Launch issues.